Didactic Units

In this section you'll find several short didactic units of different degrees of difficulty.
Each consists of a text followed by a series of activities.
Sometimes a grammar topic is treated; other times it's just about lexicon.

Apropos texts: it is widely debated today if an "original text" is to be used rather than a
"didactic text."
In general, with beginners I prefer didactic texts, drawn up for specific didactic purposes. I switch to original texts as the level gets higher.
These short units have proved of some help to my students. In some of them you find attached the audio of the input text. I truly hope you enjoy those pages, and I look forward to your comments, suggestions, critical reviews, etc.

Unit 1

La casa   

Exercise 6 Audio

Unit 2

Da Claudia

Unit 3

Centro Commerciale

Unit 4

La dieta

Unit 5

Le parolacce   

Unit 6


Unit 7