Italy we like

(How to associate linguistic and cultural interests)

Italy is definitely a wonderful country. In three hundred thousand kilometres you find everything you can think about. We have a plenitude of islands and several thousand km. of coasts which are targeted by tourists coming from the whole Europe, a mild weather which allows people to bathe, in the south, even in late October, but at the same time we have the highest mountains in Europe, separating us from our neighbours France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

Plus, we have lakes, forests, hills (think of the famous Tuscany hills for instance)

On top of it, millenary ruins, churches, museums, beautiful squares. In fact, it’s difficult to drive across Italy without coming across some beauty at every corner.
Now, why not to combine linguistic, historical and cultural interest? I think this is worth a try.

You'll find here a little selection from a series of units.
Leaving out the most traditional tourist targets, which everyone in the world knows already (Florence, Venice, Rome, etc.), you’ll find here a few examples from a collection of didactic units which focus each on one Italian gem.

We start from a short history of the place in question, with the relative true/false activity, after which, we try to focus on other aspects, maybe a building, or a tradition, or a calendar of events, or even a typical product.

This area of our site is mainly conceived as a reading training, but we’ll try to come up with audio files soon.

Again, should you have a bright idea to make our pages more alluring, interesting and challenging for the readers, do not hesitate to contact us.