Common mistakes

During my experience as a teacher, I have discovered that some mistakes are especially recurrent, so that I thought to create a chapter especially dedicated to this topic.

Leaving aside prepositions, which are so peculiar as to be hardly the object of rules (Why do I live in London, on Carnaby Street, at 35th Carnaby Street?) Likewise, we can’t explain why we say: andiamo allo stadio, but in chiesa).

But in many other cases, it’s possible to find a rule which helps us understand why something must be said in that way and not otherwise.

I drew up a few chapters concerning basic common mistakes. Naturally, you’ll find here only a selection, but feel free to report other topics which leave you puzzled. Let me know if the pages you find here are thorough enough or if you have additional doubts.

Gender and Articles

Agreement Noun-Adjective

P.Prossimo vs Imperfetto

Pronunciation of C and G

P.Continuous vs stare + Ger

Article-possessive combination?