About this site

This site is not meant to be an on line Italian course. There are plenty of websites on the net for learning Italian, some are free, some aren't, some are very well done, some aren't, but there is already a wide choice for anyone who wants to learn Italian. The main purpose of this site is:

a) to help foreign learners find the best approach to the Italian language, to offer answers to questions concerning the use of Italian which even native speakers have troubles with
b) to help learners keep away from the many backseat drivers who haunt the language exchange sites and who can cause huge damages with their tips, which are often unnecessary, when not completely mistaken.
c) to help you test your personal skills, by offering some little didactic units, displayed according to an increasing degree of difficulty

Naturally your feedback is welcome, in order to keep the site efficient, up-to-date, and make it live up to the expectations of an Italian language learner.