About me

Languages are not something you learn or teach in order to make a living.
Languages are a passion.

We all have some passion, maybe it's cars, hi-tech, stamps, or something else.
I have a passion for languages. I have always found it fascinating how the vital need of communication develops into languages, and how languages follow different paths of development in different parts of the world.

When I took my certificate as a teacher of Italian as a Second Language from the University of Siena, I thought that my knowledge of other linguistic systems would prove to be of some help. Indeed, my experience has endorsed my supposition, and I think that contrastive analysis (or comparative analysis) is very important in order to understand what kind of problems a student is going to face when approaching Italian as a second language.
I like to compare the solutions that different languages find for expressing a particular thing in a particular way (request, command, formal/informal approach, temporal "thickness" of a narration, etc.); I like to discover similarities and differences.

My teaching is especially effective with students from Europe or North and South America, who come with a knowledge of a Neo-Latin, Germanic, or Slavic language.
I hope you'll find some time to surf around my little website and, when possible, please do send me some feedback: make criticism, correct a mistake, or give suggestions of any kind.